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A digital visual diary that documents the process that underpins my work along with the thoughts and ideas generated from engaging in these processes.

Process Update

Charcoal drawing digitally stretched, intentionally distorted and printed onto paper in preparation for a new light drawing

It is interesting when your work is viewed through the fresh eyes of someone new. I was lucky enough to have spent time with Andrew while he was here in Sydney on a little sojourn. In amongst lots of coffee, conversation and some walking we spent 2 Sunday afternoons in my studio for yet more coffee, conversation and tea. When Andrew saw the new light drawing I am working on he asked me if I had ever seen footage of a starling murmuration? I vaguely thought I had but couldn’t really recall properly. When he showed me the short film by Jan van Ijken (below) I was completely mesmerised by this phenomena. The visual relationship to the charcoal drawing I had done was completely fascinating for me. I had never seen the work in this way before. As Andrew pointed out, there is a visual relationship with a lot of my previous work and not just this one. When I went back and had a look I started to see starling murmurations everywhere.

The most interesting part of this new found relationship is that the drawing above only has this look because I have digitally stretched and distorted the original charcoal drawing into a 2 metre long image in preparation for a large light drawing. It is through the digital manipulation and subsequent pixelation that the similarities to the starling murmuration appears… and what a fantastic association this all has to air - thank you Andrew for helping me to see my work through new eyes.