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A digital visual diary that documents the process that underpins my work along with the thoughts and ideas generated from engaging in these processes.

Advisor Meeting Berlin (29 July & 11 August 2017)

with Jean Marie Casbarian (studio advisor)

  • Continue to experiment with the light drawings. Build up the charcoal heavily on a page and see what happens when you pierce the paper - place the second sheet of paper under the drawing and as you pierce the paper let the charcoal fall onto the page below as evidence of the act. 
  • Think about other forms of documentation of the process.
  • Revisit Gibson and Recoder.
  • Gary Hill
  • Book Recommendation for Iceland:  
    • The Far Away Near By
    • The importance of being in Iceland
  • Try to Visit Mass MoCA to see the James Turrell works there.
  • Look into other people who have done a similar thing in terms of isolation. Think about following someone else's trajectory – retrace somebody else who has done this before.
  • Research the area & see whats there before you go
  • What mark is that environment going to leave on you and you on the environment? Psychologically, physically and document how?
  • Research other at writers and artist who have written about this kind of experience or about Iceland
  • Mans Search for Meaning  - Victor Frankl
  • Revisit Roni Horn
  • How to work within a practice of isolation or deprivation
  • Herb Thomas Merton
  • Hone in on the meaning of the research question
  • Joan Jonas watch her interviews


Meeting 2

  • Chasing Ice – captures largest glacier calving ever filmed
  • Think about what tools to take - redefine tool
  • Look at Mini projectors
  • Torches and other light sources
  • Build an "emergency kit" - Tools that will help with your practice
  • Think about Extremes and Weather; light and darkness – the black paper is curiously more visible than the light paper. You are already working with light and dark
  • Look at James Turrell's black pieces 
  • What 3 books will you take? Think about books maybe not related to art – the anatomy of the eye, for example - the eye is a representation of a camera – think about those connections
  • Curious about what happens when you remove things – how will you make do with the bare minimum.
  • Al Gore's new film
  • Extremes – contemplate that word
  • What are other ways in which you can create extremes – tension with string for example
  • What are specific words that you can attach to the daily practice?  Think about the opposites.
  • Play with light and projections
  • When you get home – what kernel could you take from the residency that could instill a shift – add text, for example, can you interrupt what you are doing?
  • How to connect Australia and Iceland? Pigment; light; air; extremes...