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A digital visual diary that documents the process that underpins my work along with the thoughts and ideas generated from engaging in these processes.

Crit. Group Response #2

Crit Group Feedback:

April 2017

The following responses were given in relation to the moving images I was experimenting with under the title of Drawing Air Experiments. This was the first time I have played around with moving images and although I found the process interesting I have no way of measuring the results against previous work or ideas. I felt that these experiments actually worked better as stills but it is something that I am keen to experiment further with in the coming year. Thank you to the crit. group for your valuable feedback: 


For some reason, I felt like written feedback would work better for you. I hope this is OK.

Anyway, of course, I loved the experiments with movement! It reminded me of section from a work I just finished choreographing on a group of students (the show opens tomorrow!). We have a section called the “wind section”, which is a series of duets during which the dancers are doing partnering without touch, so it gives the impression that they are smoke floating in currents of wind. I’ll send you a video link soon.

Watching the videos, I had this need to hear sounds of breath with it. That too reminded of my own work (I guess I am quite self-centered right now!), and all the audio breath explorations I did in the past months. I think adding this kind of sound to your videos could be incredibly powerful and mesmerizing. Maybe a thought for future collaboration?

This idea made me think more about how we could potentially collaborate in the coming year. And then I started imagining what it would be like to have your video of smoke and light projected into a space which has smoke in it. There could also be a person (I am thinking a dancer, singer or actor who has a deep connection to movement, body and breath) in the space moving, breathing, and making audible sounds in this multilayered world of light and smoke while recorded sounds of breath are layered on top of it all. This could be very potent. Something to consider for our last Berlin residency, perhaps?

Anyway, this was my first reaction to your post. I hope this helps you at this point in your process. I look forward to reconnect with you soon. I will send you potential dates for a meeting soon.


Louis :)



Your experiments on capturing the images of light and dust particles dancing/ swirling in the air caught from a light projection is fascinating. The shots you took looked like some sort of light therapy just like sound therapy, the longer you listen to the calming sound or the light dance, you tend to be mesmerized by the dust particles by its lightness and fluidity in air.

I have seen shots and videos similar to your post on Shutterstock and some other stock photo platform and none looked as beautiful as your video. Also, I wonder if the pinholes used to make your drawing could be made slightly bigger, maybe you would get a better result to capture the lights passing through the drawing. I suppose you can experiment with nails.

Videos on lights and dust are many on the web, and if you plan on looking at filming dust particles here is a link on creating dust particles for photography and filming. The video included in the link is good. http://photoandfilming.com/creating-dust-particles/

The dust becomes an important element in the shots to create a sense of lightness and time.