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A digital visual diary that documents the process that underpins my work along with the thoughts and ideas generated from engaging in these processes.

...the present future



The following is a list of possible ideas/experiments/future plans. The list has been compiled throughout the duration of the MFA. Some were suggested to me by advisors/crit. group/peers and others were part of my research and brainstorming process. I have decided to document it all here so that I can put everything into one place. I will continue adding to this list as time progresses as well as document the outcomes. 

Asking questions such as "what can drawing potentially be?" and "how to visualise breath [air]?" the following ideas were generated:

  • Breathing onto mirror/glass
  • Breathing smoke
  • Cold air/breath
  • Tracking breathing patterns
  • Tracing the movement of the chest
  • Breathing into a plastic/paper bag
  • Breathing into fine powder
  • Breathing out under water
  • Breathing into bubbles
  • The human form and the exaggerated breath
  • Movement & the breath
  • Breathing across fine sand/gold leaf/dirt
  • The breath that centres
  • Holding the breath
  • The breath before the scream/cry/silence
  • Is there a way of turning breath into light?
  • Experiments in solitude: looking into residencies in remote landscapes as a meditation on solitude.
  • Experiments in the potential for light, sound/vibration, scale, projection/reflection, breath and pace as mediums with which to draw.
  • Drawing with light and sound in response to the heartbeat/breath
  • Drawing with smoke and light
  • Drawing with air and light
  • Drawings that you can walk though
  • Walking as drawing or drawing as walking
  • Drawings that change over time
  • Drawings that are consumed (by mould, water, algae, rust, weeds, the movement of people, the movement of air/of breath/wind
  • Drawings that melt
  • 3 Dimensional objects that melt into 0 dimensional sound
  • Drawing with movement/kinetic objects
  • Drawings that deteriorates in response to the presence of people or the opposite: the more time people spending looking at the drawing, observing, the slower the deterioration in someway????
  • Drawings that are reflected and slowly cloud over - like steam on a mirror
  • Drawing with shadow
  • Drawing with temperature
  • Drawing with touch and skin
  • Drawings that use light and heartbeat signals
  • Drawing with vibration and heartbeats
  • How to draw with the other senses?
  • Drawing as social experience
  • Drawing as ritual
  • Drawing and controlled environments
  • Drawing and uncontrolled environments
  • Drawing and dance
  • Drawing and sadness
  • drawing and excitement
  • Drawing and anticipation
  • Drawing with constrictions
  • Drawing without constriction
  • Drawing in the landscape
  • Drawing and camouflage 
  • Drawing with different transparent &/or ephemeral materials
  • Drawing with smoke/fire through sunlight and magnifying glass
  • Introduce proximity sensors, LED lights into the project
  • Develop ways of drawing that expands/projects into 3D spaces
  • Experiment with different experiences and to then observe and document the effect these experiences have on the drawing and writing process.
  • Documentation of the dust/pigment/powder drawings -did the dust fall to the floor?
  • Film/document [visualising breath series] how the “mist” over time disappears —the breathing allows for the mist to go…how would you embody and feel to know your naked body becomes now visible to the viewer as the mist goes away…I’m wondering if in that visibility is the vulnerability. Write about your experience
  • A breath as an ever changing existence
  • Look more into landscapes, the breath and movement through isolated landscapes
  • Breathe in/out to hold/plot each line/dot in place.
  • Research heat sensitive paper. Maybe you could breathe through the pinhole paper and onto heat sensitive paper. Maybe use a hair dryer.
  • Consider presenting your light drawing under a looking glass or a moving light.
  • Time-lapse documentation of the sun behind the light drawings. Fascinating implications, with the eclipse appearing when the sun is behind it
  • How to use air in the drawing process?
  • Creation mythologies that deal with light and breath and sound (deities that breathe life into existence and the manifestation of light)
  • Use other tools to alter the sheets of film/paper - fire, scratching, drilling, tearing, hammering to make it thinner in places.