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A digital visual diary that documents the process that underpins my work along with the thoughts and ideas generated from engaging in these processes.

Crit. Group Post

The following paragraph was written in an email to a friend recently, and it summarises the position I have been in since returning from Berlin.

To be completely honest, when I arrived back from Berlin I was exhausted. I haven’t created any work so far. Since coming back to the studio, I have been collating everything together: feedback, responses and the work as a whole and sitting with it all- contemplating where to from here. I have organized everything into a visual diary and created a wall of images from 10 artists that I love and more importantly, who work in a way that has some relationship to the ideas I am trying to talk about for the MFA. From there I have been writing and writing and writing. Questioning everything and questioning what it is that I am trying to say; finding the assumptions, and flipping them in some way. Some of my feedback in Berlin spoke about a disconnection between the work and the theoretical ideas I am proposing. I have to agree, and it was something I was thinking about before Berlin too. So I am trying to find that connection…

It's funny because my work is meant to be about connection and here I am trying to find the connection, and at times I feel blind to any form of connection at all – so this I guess is the most significant challenge I face over the next 11 months. In all honesty, I only started to create some form of “work” on Thursday (as in last Thursday 5 October) and primarily because I had a meeting with Jean Marie on Friday and this post was due on Sunday. I appreciate the privilege of taking time out to think and don’t see a problem with it but what I realized during the process was that my biggest problem in creating new work was ego. I had decided I wanted to create large scaled charcoal drawings that then incorporate a form of light drawing over the top in some way – and the thought of this paralyzed me. Facing this scale became overwhelmingly intimidating…and I froze. I remember a quote I read somewhere that you can tell the ego of the artist by the scale of the canvas which is a funny lens to look through when going back through the plethora of art history – da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is tiny for example.

Anyway, out of a moment of contemplation what I decided to do was a series of small charcoal drawings and to project the drawings to the scale that I wanted – problem solved… and in the process, I realized that by doing this I was still actually drawing with light.

From the drawing projections, I decided to continue experimenting with moving images as a way of visualizing the movement of air. This was something I started to play around with earlier in the year and had fun with it so decided to try it out again. The following is a selection of those experiments:

Projection & Air 7

Projection & AIr 2

Projection & Air 8

The images below are a series of stills taken while playing around with projecting the charcoal drawings and experimenting with the moving image.