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A digital visual diary that documents the process that underpins my work along with the thoughts and ideas generated from engaging in these processes.

Winter Res. NYC. Feedback


Jean Marie's Feedback (Studio Advisor)

  • make the pinholes bigger...want to see large scale pieces...experiment with various papers including tissue paper
  • there is something about how the text moved across the screen (through powerpoint) that reflected breath and perhaps is something relevant, tho i'm not sure as to what...
  • we need to talk about pinhole cameras
  • photography is drawing with light
  • topographic maps
    • Giuseppe Penne




  • i love the ephemerality and impermanence....that nothing is permanent including Donald Trump. (i hope)
  • Recommended continuing with the pinhole light drawings and to play with the scale and rolls of  lighter materials/tissue paper
  • Look at Aspen Mays' work

Andrew Cooks' Feedback

Some notes I made during/after your presentation last week which I thoroughly enjoyed - thanks! They are in no apparent order and some just words/thoughts that came to mind so make of them what you will/can:

  • fugitive/fugitivity
    • Sigmar Polke’s “Athanor” at the German Pavillion, Venice Biennale 1986 where he painted the walls with a material that responded to the humiduty and changed colours accordingly.
  • an imprint of breath

  • House of Breath by William Goyen 

  • Respiration - I discussed this idea in my exegesis and here is a section copied including a beautiful phrase from Diane Archerman's A Natural History of Senses:

  • the world might be understood as a form of respiration—a breathing in and breathing out. And as living beings, Diane Ackerman so simply wrote, our "breaths come in pairs, except at two times in our lives—the beginning and the end. At birth, we inhale for the first time, at death, we exhale for the last." (Ackerman 1990; 6) This first and last breath, are parentheses which enclose our lives (no matter their individual duration). More; I can liken them to a cast together with its mold; to figure and ground; to positive and negative….
  • breath and holding breath - the bubble gum drawings of Julia Randall as vessels of breath & digital video loop.

  • Mary Temple light installations where she paints shadows in/onto architecture

  • Julian Schnabel’s film The Diving Bell and the Butterfly - esp. the scene of the eye being sewn shut.

  • Some Finnish artists who trade in the fugivitve, light, shadow, memory etc:

  • the Polaroids of Cy Twombly and Andrei Tarkovsky

  • the fog of memory - sense memory, muscle memory, scent - the passage by Cahndler Burr that I included in the Praxis reader last summer.

  • Also, Renaissance artists used this pinhole process as a tracing technique (in art historical terms: 'cartoon')

Robyn Thomas

  • It was great to be able to interact with the drawings
  • You are emphasising the edge by matting; consider other ways of display and consider the scale.
  • Make a video to show the breath
  • Elina Brotherus (1999): Mirroir - also look at her talk on Louisiana Chanel 
  • There is a Portuguese tradition of disrupting the weave of a light weight white cotton material by removing a "stitch" - this is a softer material than paper and I feel it would greatly benefit the project and move the drawings towards the question that you pose

Jay Sullivan

  • How does this all fit together?
  • Breath as rhythm 
  • Acting has breathing techniques that may be valuable to research
  • How to make this a positive experience?
  • Have you considered that the process of doing these dots is a non-linear experience?

Ira Hoffecker-Sattler

Virgil Wong

Allie Geremia

  • I think of the photos as light drawing but not the actual work - it looks like a braille version of a photograph
  • Look at photography theory - Photography = 'light drawing'
  • The perception of light & the validity of light - how light allows us to perceive but can also deceive
  • Martin Jay's Downcast Eyes
  • Light as a metaphor for truth
  • Vision's dependency on light reflection
  • Representation of light in drawing to signify holy figures, truth, glory
  • Is vision truthful and our obsession with enlightenment valid?
  • Is vision the most valid experience?

Emilio Chapela

  • Raphael Lozano-Hemmer's Pulse Park
  • Explore breath collectively
  • Breath installations
  • Fire flies have natural synchronicity

George Angelovski

  • How can we challenge the breath?
  • An acceleration? Danger? Breatherlisers?
  • The responsibility of breathing

Luisa Greenfield

  • Appreciates the ambiguity of photo vs drawing
  • Costume shops/sewing reference in terms of the transfer of design using pinhole: how to experience these? 
  • How to participate with them?

Kayoko Nakajima

  • Body/Mind Centre System
  • Technology controlling our bodies
  • Eastern Philosophy

Lisa Osborn

Ayesha Durrani

  • Drawings are soft; delicate but the holes punching through the paper appears like a trauma in the page - this provides a nice contrast
  • Consider glass blowing as breath

Julia Olson

  • these experiments work as research
  • There is a spiritual element to the breath
  • representational v abstract
  • "Ice Man" - extreme control of breath

Margaret Hart

  • With regards to immersive environments look at:
  • With regard to pinhole photos look at:
  • Drawing with sails?
  • Lauri Lynnxe Murphy
  • Pinhole cameras
  • Why not photography? Photography is drawing with light in a sense
  • I am interested in the word 'trace' in relation to your work. What is the difference between tracing and drawing? Trace is ephemeral like light
  • Also use drawings a contact negatives - maybe non-silver processes - this can have non rectangular edges because you paint on the emulsion
  • Reminds me of the child's toy Lite Brite

?unknown  Feedback

  • Heartbeat rhythm, pace & engagement - light
  • Sophisticated mode of research and discovery
  • Intimate encounter with the drawings though touch and experience
  • Interesting connection of pinhole camera and pinhole vale
  • beautiful work and unit of discovery

?unknown Feedback