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A digital visual diary that documents the process that underpins my work along with the thoughts and ideas generated from engaging in these processes.

Drawing Breath as Light #1 cont.

sunlight v stormlight v snowlight

As suggested by Andrea Haenggi (crit group) I am experimenting with photographing a light drawing (or sun drawings as Andrea has renamed them) at different times of the day and in different weather conditions. We are in the midst of a hot summers day here so the weather is 35 degrees C (95F), no clouds, bright sunlight. There is meant to be a storm this afternoon so I might be able to add some more variations then.

...As luck would have it, a few days after I started to experiment with photographing these drawings in different light conditions one of the most beautiful storms I have seen in a long time arrived into Sydney as if by invitation...

Bondi Beach Photograph by The Telegraph

The above images (sourced from the internet) were all taken of the same storm on Monday afternoon. 

Below are a series of photographs taken of the light drawing using this 'stormlight.' There is a transition from light, through to dark and back into light as the storm passes through the city.

I took the opportunity to take some more photos of this drawing using the "snowlight" here in New York...