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A digital visual diary that documents the process that underpins my work along with the thoughts and ideas generated from engaging in these processes.

Advisor Meeting #2 (3 Nov. 2016)

with Jean Marie Casbarian (Studio Advisor)

Suggestions for further research:

o   Have a look into Sound Therapy. Particularly the significance of sound in the indigenous cultures of Australia

o   Look into sensory deprivation tanksguide - especially while in NY

o   New title suggestion: "Revealing Concealing and the intimate nature of the present future"

o   Also look into Chromotherapy  

Research the following artists:

  • Patrick Nagatani – New Mexico. Specialises in photography and colour light with a focus on Chromotherapy   
  • Nam June Pail – Zen for film
  • Zarina - Paper Like Skin  and her pin drawings

Robert Erwin Read his book: "Seeing is Forgetting the Name of the Thing One Sees"

Anne Wilson - Topographies

Song Dong - Water Diaries

Oscar Munoz - Re/Trato 

Yves' Klein - the void and air architecture 

o   For the experimentation in light drawings Jean Marie had a preference for the transparent paper version. "This paper appears like skin and by putting holes in the skin it is like you are allowing it to breathe." These marks could be scars/ body impressed/ scars on interior walls...this work speaks about time...

Jean Marie gave a list of ideas to expand upon the initial drawing experiment. I will add ideas to these suggestions and post the updated list soon:

o   Experiment with making the paper smaller and have multiples pined up on the wall

o   Experiment with larger sheets or all different size sheets

o   Experiment with layers over the top of one another

o   Experiment with hanging them in different ways.

o   Experiment with fragments of drawings hanging in a row across the wall

o   What happens if you ink the pin before making the holes?

o   Hang the paper by pins, away from the wall and see what happens

o   Place the drawing over a light box and see what happens. Turn off all the lights and document

o   Think of as many different variations as possible – exhaust all the possibilities with this work

Developing the subject matter in the work:

o   Track breathing patterns – this paper appears like skin. By piercing holes in this material it is like you are allowing it to breath

o   Experiment with ways of making the breath visible.

o   How many ways can you think of making the breath visible and to then capture this process so that it can then be translated into a light drawing? For example:

  1. Breathe onto glass and photograph (macro)
  2.  Create condensation and photograph
  3. How many ways can you visualise breath?
  4. Video breathing and then take screen shots or video stills to turn into drawings
  5. How do other people visualise breath? – document and compare
  6. 2 people breathing onto each other...