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A digital visual diary that documents the process that underpins my work along with the thoughts and ideas generated from engaging in these processes.

Visualising Breath

After researching and deeply appreciating Adrian Piper's project Food for the Spirit, I began the following project as an investigation into visualising the breath...however, as much as I would love to take the time to understand Kant on such a deep level, I began my version of this project by simply trying to understand what has just happened… a critique of pure reason in the face of potential insanity...This project began on the 9th November 2016...

The uncertainty I felt on that Wednesday created such an intense and unexpected emotional response in me that I realised I had no way of knowing how to handle it. I stepped out of the shower, naked and hidden in a cloud of mist and realised this is exactly how I feel…vulnerable, barely breathing and unable to see.

Leading up to this time I had been researching Adrian Piper’s project and had felt such a deep connection to the vulnerability and courage she conveyed in the haunting images she had taken of herself. I was deeply moved by her gaze, her eyes looking intently into your own as she mentally dealt with her self imposed isolation. 

I am not a photographer…I am more of an image collector. So the following images are not about creating photographs. I am purely trying to capture the intense emotional response I am having to the world at this moment. Adrian Piper’s images are an investigation into a private, autobiographical experience of embodiment, where as these images question the visibility of self in a world that is no longer recognisable to me. Each image is taken after the daily ritual of showering (cleansing), immersed in the clouded fog of the current political epidemic, capturing the uncertainty in anticipating what the future day may bring. 

Blending into the surrounding mist, a desire to be swallowed up by a mythical world with no edges... then I remind myself to relax...breathe...& listen...

More images and details about this project are on the following page of my website