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A digital visual diary that documents the process that underpins my work along with the thoughts and ideas generated from engaging in these processes.

Advisor Meeting #1 (18 Oct. 2016)

with Carolyn Guertin (Research Advisor) and Jean Marie Casbarian (Studio Advisor)

o   After discussing the ideas presented in my blog and the reasons for the change in direction Jean Marie and Carolyn suggested looking at the following artists and their solitude-based practices

o   Agnes Martin’s work falls somewhere between the expressionists and the minimalists. She wanted to create minimalists work however, she wanted minimalist work that created an emotive response. For this reason the minimalists wouldn't accept her so she aligned herself with the expressionists but continued to create minimalist work. It is not surprising her work is about the horizon given she lived in the desert and immersed in that environment.

 Agnes Martin's exhibition at the Guggenheim is on until until 11th Jan. 2017

o   If you are going to talk about solitude then immerse yourself in solitude – see what is revealed during this process.

o   This could be an organised silent retreat or one you create for yourself.

o   This project is about time and the passing of time and speed or pace and time.

o   Unspeakable Silence in Art and Writing

o   Your work can be about the nothingness and yet its this nothing that contains everything

o   Its about nothingness and everything contained in that nothing.