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A digital visual diary that documents the process that underpins my work along with the thoughts and ideas generated from engaging in these processes.

Experiment in Drawing with Light #1 & #2

The following paragraph was taken from the previous post (Concept Development) and summarises the content of that post (for those too busy to read it) ...  

"At this stage I want to be away from the world, hidden from the world... to create my own world that is experienced in solitude. There is a power in the quiet, the space in between, in the void... that our modern technology driven world is not allowing us to tap into and the irony is that I want to use technology to create this project. To me technology isn't the problem, its the way we are using it that needs to be questioned. "

Drawing is still the foundation for this project, exploring the potential of light, sound, scale, projection/reflection and pace as the mediums with which to draw. Breathing and heart beats are the cycles of physical connection we have to life and will be used as tools for connection to this project.

I began by experimenting with the idea of drawing with light...

The above images were taken from my sketchbook as the starting point to experimenting with light as a medium for drawing. The image on the far right is of the high tech equipment used to create the following light drawings:

The images above are of the first experiment. This drawing was made using black paper, pin holes and sunlight. Both images are the one drawing, however, they appear different depending on the changes in sunlight.

This drawing is the second experiment using textured black paper, pin holes and sunlight. The last image is the drawing without sunlight. Here the image becomes purely a subtle texture on the page.